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Single-phase YL Series Single-phase Motor Uses Little Common Sense
Apr 14, 2018

Y series motor has larger starting torque, larger starting current, higher power factor of the load, and significant power saving effect.

First, select an appropriate cross-sectional area of the external power supply wire, can effectively ensure the normal start-up and operation of the motor, but also to avoid the cross-sectional area is too small, resulting in wire heating and waste of energy or cause the motor can not work, but blindly buy large Cross-section wires waste your money.

Second, the motor no-load start-up time shall not exceed 2 seconds, if within 2 seconds the motor can not reach the rated speed or abnormal sound, need to quickly power off the inspection.

Third, the principle and structure of single-phase asynchronous motor and the three-phase asynchronous motor is very different, in the case of a larger starting torque requirements, the starting current is much larger than the three-phase asynchronous motor (power, speed the same), Therefore, it is particularly important to ensure that the single-phase asynchronous motor starts normally.

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