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Single-phase Motor Operation Method
Apr 14, 2018

The first kind, in the starting circuit does not connect the centrifugal switch, the starting winding and the capacitor not only function when the start, also when the operation, this may improve the motor power factor and the efficiency, therefore this kind of electric motor performance performance is superior to the capacitor starting Motor. Capacitance operating motor starting capacitor series capacitors, mainly based on the performance requirements determined, than the start of performance requirements to determine the capacitance is small, for this reason, the starting performance of this motor is not as good as the capacitor starting motor, Capacitance running motor does not start the switch, so the structure is relatively simple, the price is relatively cheap, mainly used in electric fans, air conditioning fan motors, washing machines and other motors.

In the second type, the centrifugal switch is connected in the starting circuit. When the motor is stationary, the centrifugal switch is turned on. After the power is supplied, the starting capacitor participates in the starting work. When the rotor speed reaches 70% to 80% of the rated value, the centrifugal switch will automatically jump. On, the starting capacitor completes the task and is disconnected. The starting winding does not participate in the running operation, and the motor continues to operate with the running winding coil. This connection is generally used in air compressors, cutting machines, woodworking machines and other places where the load is large and unstable.

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