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Explosion-proof Motor Failure Phenomenon And Reason
Apr 14, 2018

1, the phenomenon of failure: the motor can not start, and there is no sound.

Causes: 1 Blown fuse. 2 The starter goes off. 3 The power is not available.

2, the phenomenon of failure: the motor can not start, there is a loud noise.

Reasons: 1 The power cord is disconnected on one phase, or one phase of the fuse is blown, or one phase winding of the motor is disconnected. 2 The air gap between stator and rotor is not normal, so that the stator and the rotor collide. 3 bearing damage. 4 was mechanically stuck.

3, fault phenomenon: the fuse is blown when the motor starts.

Reasons: 1 The stator coils are connected in reverse. 2 Stator coil short circuit or ground. 3 bearing damage. 4 Drive belt is too tight. 5 was mechanically stuck. 6 Misoperation when starting.

4, the phenomenon of failure: the motor speed is low after starting.

Reasons: 1 The power supply voltage is too low. 2 Connect the delta-connected motors into a star. 3 Stator coil short circuit. 4 The rotor's short-circuit ring, cage bar breaks or opens. 5 motor overload.

5, failure phenomenon: motor temperature is too high, but the current does not exceed the rated value.

Causes: 1 The ambient temperature is too high. 2 motor air duct blocked. 3 motor sludge, dust too much affect the heat.

6, the phenomenon of failure: the explosion of the motor in operation.

Cause: 1 coil is temporarily grounded. 2 coils are temporarily short-circuited.

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