Three Precautions When Using Reducer
Apr 14, 2018

1, no hammering

Couplings, pulleys, sprocket and other joints on the output shaft must not be originally hammered. Because the output shaft structure of the reducer cannot withstand axial hammering, use the screw at the end of the shaft to screw in the screw and press it into the Coupling. Pieces.

2, must install the vent cap (exhaust screw plug)

The use of the, the plug at the highest position should be replaced with an exhaust screw plug to ensure that the reducer runs out of gas. If it is not replaced in time, the reducer will run for a long time, which will cause the gas in The reducer to swell the seal and slow down. Machine leaks.

3, timely replacement of lubricating oil, pay special attention to the first time.

After the first 300 to 400 hours of operation of the gear reducer, the molded should be replaced immediately. After that, the molded should be replaced every 1500 to 2000 hours.

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