Single-phase asynchronous motor works
Apr 14, 2018

In an AC motor, when the stator winding passes an alternating current, an armature magnetomotive force is established, which has a great influence on the energy conversion and operation performance of the motor, so that the single-phase AC winding passes into the single-phase AC and generates the pulsating magnetic motion. Potential, the magnetomotive force can be decomposed into two rotational magnetomotive force sums of equal amplitude and opposite rotational speeds, thereby establishing positive and negative magnetic fields in the air gap and the two rotating magnetic fields cutting the rotor conductor and respectively Induced electromotive force and induced current are generated in the rotor conductor.

The current interacts with the magnetic field to generate positive and negative electromagnetic torques. The positive electromagnetic torque attempts to rotate the rotor forward. The reverse electromagnetic torque attempts to reverse the rotor. These two torques are combined to promote the rotational rotation of the motor. Moments.

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